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School gets into character on World Book Day

World Book Day was celebrated this year with the help of Mrs Cyndi Hughes, a councillor with Darlington Borough Council, who has special responsibility for policies affecting young people across the region as well as an obvious passion for reading.

Mrs Hughes met with children from Years 7-11 and congratulated all of them on their well thought out costumes. Dressed herself as a visiting Professor from Harry Potter's famous Hogwarts, she asked the children what their own favourite literary characters were and why.

'World Book Day is a celebration of reading,' she told the children. 'I would argue that books are probably one of the best ways to learn about life. These days we read about the world in little snippets, and usually online via the Internet, whereas with a book you can get fully immersed in a story.'

The children agreed with her, saying that they had all experienced the disappointment of seeing a story they have read depicted in film with characters changed and details left out. They also discussed the special feel and smell of books; something that can't be experienced when reading online.

Councillor Hughes, who handles the Children and Young People portfolio within Darlington Council's Cabinet, said she enjoyed her visit to Polam Hall and was reassured to see so many articulate young people enjoying reading.

'It was heart warming and inspiring to talk to the children and a real pleasure to visit the School,' she said.


Councillor Hughes, front row middle, is photographed in the School Library with Head of English Mrs Rachel Jarvis (back row far right) and pupils Elly Adam, Elle Winter, Daniel Dixon, Alexander Penketh, Jared Barrett-Bell and Aerina Hamasaeed