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Two years of fundraising comes to fruition


Pupils, staff, parents and old scholars are seeing the rewards of a two-year fundraising campaign with the arrival of two brand new minibuses.

Members of the our Parents Association (PHPA) have been raising money for the last two years to acquire a new minibus for the School. They have worked tirelessly to host our school balls, organise race nights, hold annual Christmas Fairs, and organise numerous cake stalls and a music concert – all in a bid to raise sufficient funds to afford a more spacious 17-seater bus. The bus will be used by pupils throughput the school from Reception to Sixth Form and will also be used at weekends for daily excursions for the School’s full-time boarders.

At the same time, the School has also taken delivery of a second minibus-bus, a 15-seater vehicle generously funded by Polam Hall Old Scholars Association (PHOSA).

Both buses will have a positive impact on school life allowing pupils to participate in more sports fixtures on a regular basis and allowing two separate groups of children to be off the premises at any one time. Previously, staff had to organise the hiring of buses on a daily basis which was both time-consuming and costly.

Chair of the Parents Association, Mrs Catherine Hart, said it was an absolute pleasure to see the children looking so excited about their new bus: ‘It is very rewarding to see our fundraising efforts come to fruition in this way. We set out expecting it to take three years to raise the money when in fact it has only taken two. It has been hard work but also great fun and we can’t thank our supporting families and staff enough for attending all our fundraising events and entering into the spirit of them all!’

Head of PE, Craig Wilkinson, said that the School had now doubled its capacity to transport children: ‘We are hugely grateful to PHPA for their kindness and hard work. Parents identified this as something the School would benefit from and they’ve worked so hard together organising some fantastic fund-raising events with energy and commitment. PHOSA have also been extremely generous in funding a second minibus. Both vehicles will be used and appreciated on a daily basis.’



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