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Shoebox appeal a huge success


The Junior and Senior Schools have worked together to create a total of 80 shoe boxes for the Samaritans Purse appeal which is just fantastic for a school our size!

The generosity of the students and parents has been truly heart warming and overwhelming. The appeal was ran by the school Interact club and through various posters, readings, correspondence home and use of the drop box in Liddiard, there was a fantastic response for the appeal in all year groups.

The shoe boxes will be collected by Samaritans Purse and will be distributed to children across Eastern Europe, Africa and America some of which we are able to track their progress through the Samaritans purse website. Sixth form students also helped carry and transport the 80 boxes down to ShoeZone in town this afternoon where they will be collected, which couldn’t have been possible without their help.

A very proud moment for Polam Hall School, well done everyone!

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