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Christmas cheer spans the generations at Jack Frost Party


Christmas celebrations were enjoyed across the generations at a festive tea party held in School.

Sixth formers and younger pupils entertained a dining hall full of elderly visitors at our Jack Frost Party, an annual event held especially for friends of the Town Mission.

While some pupils prepared and served tea, others sat among their elderly visitors talking to them about their lives and memories. As well as chatting, they enjoyed sausage rolls, sandwiches and mince pies made by the children, sang Christmas songs together and took part in a Christmas quiz. Each visitor returned home with a surprise Christmas gift organised and gift-wrapped by pupils.

The event was run by Head student, Jennifer Hirst, and Deputy Head Student, Charlotte Allison. They were helped by other Sixth Formers as part of the School’s enrichment programme designed to encourage responsible citizenship and leadership skills.

‘It has been lovely to see the younger children mixing so well with the older folk,’ said Jennifer. ‘I thought they may have found it a bit awkward thinking of what to say but they’ve been brilliant.’

Darin Hamasaeed, Y7, sat with retired teacher Mrs Brenda Brown: ‘She told me all about her grandchildren and great-grandchildren,’ he said. ‘She was very interesting and I told her I wanted to be an architect. The funniest thing was that she couldn’t remember if she was 95 or 96!’


Festive duties: Event organisers Head student, Jennifer Hirst, (above, top left) and Deputy Head student, Charlotte Allison, (top right) serve tea to John Skipsy who sat with Y7 pupil Maya Watson (front left) and Sixth Former Lancia Lee-Deckard.



Cake and chat: Darin Hamasaeed, Y7, enjoyed chatting to Friend of the Town Mission Mrs Brenda Brown.