KS2 Results

Results for 2016

49 pupils were eligible to undertake end of KS2 assessments in 2016, of whom 33% were male and 67% female.

Of these, 22% were officially classed as ‘mobile pupils’ having joined Polam Hall after Mid-September 2014.

10% had been at Polam Hall since Nursery/Reception.




Progress Measures KS1-KS2

78% of pupils took end of KS1 SATs at their previous setting and it is to these pupils that the progress measures apply and with this in mind that progress measures should be viewed.

During 2016:

Average progress in Reading in KS1-KS2 was 0.7

Average progress in Writing in KS1-KS2 was -7.5

Average progress in Maths in KS1-KS2 was -0.8

A progress figure of 0 means that pupils in this school, on average, progress at a similar pace during KS2 than those with similar prior attainment nationally. A negative progress score means that, on average, pupils in this school make slower progress than those with similar prior attainment nationally and a positive progress score indicates that, on average, pupils in our School make greater progress than those with similar prior attainment nationally.

It should be noted that a negative progress measure does not mean the children have gone backwards; it is simply due to the complicated calculations taking place to enable schools to convert over to the Government’s new standards.


The bigger picture

As with all schools, Polam Hall’s results are published by the Government and these can be seen here.

Parents should also bear in mind the national view regarding the unreliability of these tests and the fact that for the same 2016 period only 47 schools nationally had all pupils at the expected standard in all three areas of Reading, Writing and Maths. Read more about this in a BBC article published online here.