Admission Consultation - New

Admission Consultation

Under the Schools Admissions Code, admitting authorities (Polam Hall School) are required to consult when changes are proposed to their admission arrangements.

Proposed Change
Polam Hall School is proposing one substantive change to its admissions arrangements for 2018/19. This change will give siblings a higher priority under the oversubscription criteria for day pupils.

Consultation document
A copy of the consultation document and of the proposed admissions policy is available below.

Consultation Arrangements 2018/19

Consultation Period
This consultation will run from Thursday 24th November 2016 to Tuesday 31st January 2017.

Replies to the consultation or any comments you may have should be sent to or by post to the Admissions Officer, Polam Hall School, Grange Road, Darlington, DL1 5PA.

Responses must be received by Tuesday 31st January 2017.